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Private Collections

Atlas, pedestal table, Steven & Stephanie Alpert, MA

Coffee table, Arnold & Barbara Berlin, MA

Trippin' Up, stool, Arlene Caplan, NJ

Double Trouble, bench, Warren & Margot Coville, FL

Chunks, coffee table, Steve Dubin, MA

Pink Dots, wall shelf, Marie & Charles Grossman

Come To Me, side table with storage, Emily Hughey, MA

Headboard and nightstands, Elayne Hurwitz, MD

Roads To A Place, chair, and Scaling The Chasm, door, Daniel Jacobson, MA

Autumn Pond, roll top dining table and folding chairs with hanger, Lois & Butler Lampson, MA

A Moment With The Leffs, chairs, Lynn & Jeffrey Leff, NY

Pleasant Planning, desk & chair, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Levy

Parenting, chair, and A Simple Moment, chair, Frances Lewis, MD


Ladies Night, chair, Steve Mindich, MA

Bench, John & Meredyth Moses, MA

Patton, desk and chair, Dr. John Patton, GA

Layers Of Lips, mirror, Michael & Phyllis Rapp

Quiet Gesture, jewelry cabinet, Chris Rifkin, MA

Stepping Up, coffee table, Mr. & Mrs. Sam Rose

Side Chairs, and mirror, George & Dorothy Saxe, CA

Wake From Walking, chair, Robert & Connie Springborn, FL

Cool Seat, wall shelf, and After The Dance, bench, Delores & Marvin Stiles

Wafers On A Web, chair, Linda Sullivan, NY

Stairway railing sculpture, Mary Penny & Jeffrey Vinik, MA

Everything That Happens Today, chest of drawers, Levels & Lines, nightstands, Flat Pond, mirror, Evolved To, cabinet, Levels Of Discourse, conference table, Al Waxman, NY